The 70s is the decade that produced fun and electrifying styles in the world of fashion. The definition of fashion in this era was extravagant and loud clothing designs that seemed out of the ordinary for many people. The 70s fashion trends were characterized by heavy makeup, outlandish hairdos, and conspicuous outfits. This was the decade of the highest experimentation in the fashion industry; however, some of the designs that were created in the era are still considered glamorous today.

This era of fashion is in a class of its own, some of the fabulous pieces can be adapted to the modern world although others are too reminiscent of that era. The daring designs and innovative creations in the fashion industry during the decade left a mark in dressing designs and fashion in general. Some of the trends that gained a lot of popularity during the 70s are the afro hairdo, flared pants, neon colored clothing, and hippie outfits. The way people combined bright colors in their clothing was just stunning. The combination of psychedelic designs, for example, animal patterns, floral prints, sequined and glossy textures, as well as lacy fabrics, is inspiring to the modern fashion designers. Never in this century can anyone try the fabrics and patterns that were worn in the era, but they looked fine and unique during the 70s.

According to some fashion experts, it is believed that people in the 70s were having fun with mixing and matching anything that seemed daring. Pairing such garments in this decade can make one look out of order or incompatible. The crazy neon and pink wigs coupled with purple blouses for women were just exhilarating. The yellow suit jackets with matching pants and animal printed colors for men could not be described more than being the best of all time.

Everybody jumped into the bandwagon of the glam rock fashion during the 70s hence the craze and daring look that most people pulled. In the modern world, people can relive the decade with costume pants during parties and these clothing can be found at most vintage stores. There is a wide range of extravagant and vibrant fashion relics. Although the prices may seem a bit high due to the high demand of fashion, it is worth trying. Fashion continues to change over time and the 1970s had its unique style, from hot pants, miniskirts were a major part of any woman’s closet. The fashion industry still looks up to this era for inspiration in the trends.